CAZAL Vintage 902

CAZAL Vintage 902

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Chief Designer from CAZAL about the CAZAL Vintage 902

The most widely used lenses form in sunglasses has always been the soft, slightly bowed square – the foundation for the CAZAL 902.

A logical counterpart or alternative to the drop-shaped CAZAL 901, the 902 is just as popular as its sister. Identical in the technical details and functionality, this CAZAL design appeals to athletic women as much as to conservative gentlemen.

Though its design essence differs slightly from the other CAZAL styles, the CAZAL 902 has become a true long-time favourite and classic, due to its unadulterated, original vintage look.

Stars that wear these glasses

He has been seen a lot wearing the 902.
Will Smith
He has been seen wearing the 902 at a movie premiere.