CAZAL Vintage 951

CAZAL Vintage 951

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Chief Designer from CAZAL about the CAZAL Vintage 951

With this sportive sunglasses style, CAZAL ventured to address a target group that had previously been unattainable: wearers of sports eyeglasses.

For sports glasses are an eyewear genre of their own, not primarily distributed through opticians and eyeglass specialists.

CAZAL had the idea to create “amphibious” sunglasses for dynamic sports, suitable for optical lenses. The challenge was met by adding a hinge mechanism at the temples. It accommodated acetate temples for use „on dry land“ as well as an adjustable rubber strap to be worn in water. In addition it served to adapt the shades to the shape of the head. The sail/surf version of this style had a floating device fixed to the rubber strap as an additional, ingenious detail. It kept your precious CAZAL 951 safely afloat should it – against all odds – fell pray to the waves.

Like most sports glasses, the CAZAL 951 is a unisex style. A true rarity for the passionate vintage collectors. 

Stars that wear these glasses

Amber Rose
She wears the 951 during a fashion show

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