About us

« Authenticity is the privilege of brands that have created their very own design heritage. »

(Cari Zalloni, Head of Design at CAZAL)

The outstanding masterpieces created by Cari Zalloni have certainly written their own design history. CAZAL sunglasses speak a clear language of form have shaped a unique and clear form language. They’re a declaration of independence from any kind of mainstream. Distinctive, unique and individualistic.

Cari Zalloni is a creative genius. He doesn’t follow trends – he creates them. His charismatic style is his signature style, unmistakable in each of his designs. It is the essence of the CAZAL brand..



We’re often asked where our iconic CAZAL vintage designs can be purchased. These sunglasses are manufactured as limited editions, and are therefore hard to find. We get far more requests from dealers than we can possibly satisfy. Many CAZAL lovers don’t live near an optician or store that sells our legendary designs. That’s why we’ve created this online store.  

Nevertheless, we generally recommend that you buy glasses at your local opticians, since a website can never be an adequate substitute for expert advice and personal consultation.

Unfortunately, there are many online dealers who claim to sell our iconic glasses. The market is swarming with replicas and look-alikes. We’ve created this website as a space where our unique originality becomes tangible – as a beacon of authenticity and a spearhead against uncreative fakes.

We guarantee absolute authenticity. Truly original CAZAL styles at an acceptable price that corresponds to the high quality of the products. Designer glasses directly from the designer – that’s about as authentic as it gets.

To be able to guarantee the authenticity of our products outside this online shop, we only cooperate with authorized opticians and reputable online retailers.

And to satisfy the demands of the large community of CAZAL fans around the world, we’ve asked our Head of Design to create a collection of accessories that match the high quality and unique design of our popular glasses. A range of t-shirts and bags are the promising start …


Cari Zalloni on Vintage

«  Unlike retro styles, which merely reinterpret historic glasses created by numerous designers, CAZAL’s vintage styles are true originals: historic styles from the past. These are kept alive, living through a second lifecycle in the present. These re-editions of original historic styles are often worn by completely different target groups who cherish them as iconic objects.

 CAZAL vintage styles are an expression of absolute authenticity and of the brand’s sustained creativity. These styles are manufactured only by companies with a self-contained, unique, and renowned design heritage. These companies reissue significant styles from their own archives as a natural element of their brand culture, as true to the brand as their current designs. Likewise, CAZAL maintains its unique design and manufacturing philosophy while continually updating it.

 The misinterpretation of “vintage” merely caters to a romanticized market behaviour that follows a “me too” design culture lacking visionary imagination. The true vintage spirit, on the other hand, offers small, flexible companies the opportunity to prepare the ground for their own vintage collections – preceded by several successful decades of unique designs that deserve to be labelled « iconic ».