What is CAZAL Online?

The CAZAL online store makes our iconic CAZAL sunglasses styles available to fans around the world – as far as our limited edition stocks permit. At CAZAL Online, you get truly authentic CAZAL glasses. That’s a promise and a guarantee. Many of the styles offered at CAZAL Online are also available from numerous dealers worldwide. These authorized retailers get their stock directly from us or via our trusted distributors. We do not offer frames for prescription glasses. As a rule, we recommend that you purchase eyeglasses at the optician and have them fitted there.

May I send questions, requests, comments, and suggestions to CAZAL Online?

Of course! We’re happy to receive your communication and like to get in touch with our fans. Please email to: shop@cazal-eyewear.com.

How do I know that a CAZAL sunglasses model is authentic?

There are several signs of authenticity: The stamp on the inside of the temple: model #, colour #, and the inscription “Made in Germany” or “Frame Germany” or “”Frame made in Germany”. This inscription proves that the glasses were manufactured in Germany – as are all CAZAL vintage frames and CAZAL sunglasses. The logo – either glued on of imprinted on the metal – is always displayed on both temples. Sunglasses and regular eyeglasses frames also always have a logo on the upper or lower edge of the glass.

Will the CAZAL styles fit me?

CAZAL vintage styles are first and foremost about the look. The glasses are usually so dominant that the individual fit becomes secondary. Only an optician can provide the service of fitting your glasses perfectly.

Can I return my CAZAL model, e.g. if I find that it doesn’t suit me?

Yes. Just send in the glasses in perfect condition within 14 days, and you will get your money back (see also our terms and conditions AGB).

How long does it take for my glasses to arrive?

We send out all orders – as far as the items are in stock – within 5 working days after placement of the order and/or receipt of payment. In Germany and Europe, we deliver through GLS, our global logistics partner is FedEx.

If you live in Germany, your order will usually arrive within 1-2 working days after shipment, in Europe, 4-7 working days.

Global deliveries usually arrive within 7-10 working days after shipment. In some exceptional cases, there may be delays due to customs control or other import regulations in the country of destination, even if the delivery and all shipment documents are in order.

What happens if my glasses are damaged or lost during shipment?

All our glasses are shipped fully insured.

Are there shops where I can buy my favourite glasses offline?

Yes, we cooperate with a number of selected opticians and retailers who sell our models. Go to www.cazal-eyewear.com and find the partner near you.

Are all vintage models available at all times?

Our vintage models are in high demand. We do not want to turn our iconic glasses into mass merchandise – it would diminish their high quality and also their uniqueness. That’s why you may have to wait a while for your favourite style to become available again.

Does CAZAL Online deliver worldwide?

Yes, we deliver around the globe. Our logistics partners are GLS and FedEX. Each shipment is registered so that we can track it at all times.

What currencies and payment methods do you accept?

CAZAL Online is a European company. All transactions are therefore in Euros. For our U.S. customers, we also provide price information in USD. We accept payment via credit card (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal and pre-payment via bank transfer (EU only).