CAZAL Vintage 901

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In eyeglasses, square and oval are the typical variations of simple, basic shapes. But the “drop-shaped” is different.

Originally intended as aviator shades, the CAZAL 901 was designed to cover the entire field of vision – protection against the brightness of the blue skies. This is how the anatomical shape of the originally green-tinted glasses came into being.

Ever since, numerous designers – including CAZAL – have reinterpreted these “drop-shaped” shades again and again.

With the 901, Cari Zalloni emphasized the oval, creating a clearly larger drop shape and adding surprising technical innovations that made even CAZAL connoisseurs blink.

To facilitate exchanging the lenses, Cari Zalloni developed a unique L-shaped wired profile. In addition to its technical functionality, the profile also adds to the glasses’ aesthetics: viewed from the front, it appears extraordinarily delicate and light.

The comfortable, anatomical clamp bridge holds the lenses securely and allows an easy switch.

With its wide range of available colour variations for frame and lenses, this style has gained a large following.

12 mm / 0.47 inch
70 mm / 2.76 inch