CAZAL Vintage 904

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These mask-style sunglasses are unmistakably CAZAL – you’d recognize them anywhere, even without the logo. Inspired by the success of the first two L-shaped styles, CAZAL ventured into a new direction, rather atypical for the brand: the development of a sunglasses style unsuitable for optical lenses.

The thrill of succeeding in the sunglasses sphere with its mainly fashion-oriented priorities was tremendous. And it was a step that should prove more than right.

Demand for the style CAZAL 904 – in its original version and in an extended colour palette – is once again on the rise, demonstrating the timelessness of the CAZAL design line. Though rather masculine in appearance, these shades appeal to women and men alike, due to their temple styling and colours. For a long time now, vintage collectors have been trading the originals of these shades at top prices.

12 mm / 0.47 inch
57 mm / 2.24 inch